12 Luxury apartments in the historic jewellery quarter. 
Very happy with the out come of this job however it wasn’t all plain sailing working around every trade on site all needing the same area to get the job done, by communicating with everyone we made deals to share areas and have rotational breaks so each have a clear area for a little while. 
Luckily that’s all we needed as we used the sprayer to paint the majority of the job making it very time efficient. We were able to finish around two apartments a week. 


The Stratford Art House trust turned to the McWilliams decorating team as a matter of urgency to save and preserve their almost beyond repair windows and cracked masonry. 
Prior to the job starting they arranged for the scaffolding to be erected in the correct position giving easy access to each of the 20 large sash windows & masonry. 
They started by painstakingly opening & sealing every crack on the building front to ensure it lasts. It took a huge 60kg of masonry filler to fix the broken render and around 60L of paint to bring it back to life again. 
The windows were not much easier after 46 man hours later of vigorous sanding using Fest tool extraction equipment keeping dust to a minimum they managed to give the windows back their gorgeous bold profiles hidden under years of paint. 
Rot removed and fixed with timber repair care it was finally ready to be resealed. They gave the windows well a deserving factory spray finish using top of the range flexible water based materials giving them a durable prolonged life. 
Once the job came to a successful end their client was so over the moon they was approached to help with a small exterior house project next door you can view in the gallery. 

Customer reviews  

"Can't recommend these guys enough! Best decorators around. Always professional and precise with great rates. Our go to for all decorating!" 
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 
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